Is Steens Honey certified organic? What beekeeping methods do you use, and do you feed your bees sugar syrup?

Kate Ross

Last Update 2 years ago

​We use natural beekeeping methods, we do not use antibiotics etc.

We do feed our bees a form of sugar syrup in the winter as there are very few natural nectar sources in the winter where we are based. We only do this to keep the hive safe and healthy during the winter time.

We are not certified by Demeter, as we are unable to guarantee that our bees are sourcing pollen from only organically grown flowers. This is because a bee can fly up to 5km, and we have no control over where they fly! We can however confirm that our honey is sourced from native forests in NZ and as such is as close to organic as possible. Our honey is certified glyphosate free. 

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