Making changes to an order

Eden Williams

Last Update 2 years ago

Adding or removing products from your order:

Once an order is placed, it is immediately sent through to our third-party warehouse and this makes it very hard for our customer service team to make any alterations or cancel an order. 

As we are based in New Zealand, and there is a time difference between us and a lot of locations our orders our dispatched from, it is quite common that by the time we receive your email, your order has already been processed. 

Your best option is to email our customer service team on [email protected] or via our chat option and they will be more than happy to help you however they can. 

Please note: if a return is required, it is at the cost of the customer to pay for the return shipping charges. 

Changing address:

If you have placed an order and then realised that the address is incorrect, the same applies as above. Most of the time we are unable to make changes to an order before it is shipped.

Steens Honey is not required to resend your parcel as this is not an error from our end and it is up to the purchaser to try and retrieve this order. You can contact customer service team to see if they can help in any way 

Please note: Shop Pay is a third party payment method and if you choose to use this option and it processes your payment before you are able to alter anything, Steens Honey is not required to resend your parcel. You can head directly to Shop Pay to make any alterations to your address using the links below:

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