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What is UMF?

UMF is a quality trademark that represents the purity and quality of Mānuka Honey.

Why should I buy UMF Mānuka Honey over any other non-UMF mark product?

UMF Manuka honey has unique properties that have been well researched. The UMF Honey Association and the mark assure consumers that these key signature compounds are present in license-holders’ products.

The Association has a Code of Practice which all licensees must follow. This includes independent audits to ensure compliance with UMF quality standard production facility requirements. We also appoint independent companies to regularly check samples from the marketplace. This helps protect consumers from counterfeit products.

What is Mānuka Honey and why should I buy it?

Mānuka Honey comes from the nectar of the flower of the Mānuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) which is a native plant found only in New Zealand. It is the nectar and the bee that give this honey its unique properties. It is one of the world’s most unique honeys. It is well respected by consumers and has a substantial body of research behind it. Mānuka Honey is recognised as being the ‘standard’ against which other honeys are compared. Recognising the inherent value of it, consumers have been buying Mānuka Honey for over 20 years.

What is the UMF grading system?

The UMF grading system assesses key signature compounds found in Mānuka Honey. This system assures both the purity and quality of Mānuka Honey products made by UMF licensees. 

The higher the UMF grading number on a product then the higher the concentration of signature compounds found in the Mānuka Honey. This is used as a measure of purity and quality.

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How do I know if the product I have bought is real UMF Manuka Honey?

Check that the product has the UMF quality trademark on it and that the manufacturer is a license-holder 

Why is there a variation in the colour and texture of Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka Honey is a natural product, therefore, the colour and texture can vary. This natural variation can also change over time.

How should I store Mānuka Honey?

Mānuka honey should be stored in a dark, cool place.

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